648 - 794 Barber Lane, Millpitas, CA 95035


Milpitas Ulferts Center located at the crossroads of a vibrant community with major business and income growth, Ulferts Center provides you with the opportunity to reach target markets in a cost-effective and high-quality retail environment.

Our current specialty retailers' unique goods and services together with a mix of restaurants featuring an international flair of cuisines offer variety, niche products, and services, effectively expanding our center and creating an exciting marketplace atmosphere where shoppers spend more and stay longer. Ulferts is recognized for sustaining long-term and beneficial tenant relationships. We welcome your interest. Contact our leasing office for more information.

Contact for Leasing Information:
766 Barber Lane, Milpitas, CA, 95035 (2nd Floor)
Eric Yuen
Tel: (925) 828 - 6688